A/C Technician (Contract Guidelines)

(Pay Plan and Business Opportunity)

1) Must Be Registered Technician with TDLR

(a) If not, Always Cool will assist with licensing.

2) Must Have EPA 608 Universal License

(a) If not, our company will provide the study materials for the certification.

3) 60/40 Billing Split

(a) Contractor Gets 60% and Tech 40%

4) Always Cool Will Provide You With As Many Leads As Possible, But It Is The Tech’s Responsibility to Find Their Own Business

5) 1099 All Contract Labor

6) Techs Paid Weekly

7) $200 Bonus Paid for New Sales (Installations)

8) Always Cool Will Receive All Customer Payments

9) Access to Suppliers (Receive Up to 50% Discount On Materials)

10) Access to Financing for New Systems (Should Improve New Installations by 25%)

11) No Vehicle or Gas Allowance

12) No Health Insurance Provided

(a) We will suggest companies for the best rates.

13) Technician Has to Have or Buy Own Tools

Example of Daily Tech Salary with Only 3 Service Calls Per Day

Type of Call (Rates)


Tech Salary Per Day

Tech Salary Per Week


  • $165.00
  • $198.00
  • $990.00


  • $320.00
  • $384.00
  • $1920.00


  • $510.00
  • $612.00
  • $3060.00

The above example is based on only 3 service calls per day. Most technicians can do a minimum of 5 to 6 per day which will double your salary.

Come join our team and grow with us!

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